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Standard Rates

1 child = $10/hr

2 children = $15/hr

3 children = $17/hr

4 children = $19/hr

Rates are calculated in 15 minute intervals, payment is due at check-out each visit. We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, Apple Pay, & PayPal. 



Purchasing packages helps to save you money on childcare on a per hour basis. The hours on a package expire two years after purchase date or when child ages out. 

The below discounted packages are available year-round:

ONE CHILD: (Regular rate $10/hr)

$100 credit for $90 (save $10)

$200 credit for $170 (save $30)

TWO CHILDREN: (Regular rate $15/hr)
$150 credit for $140 (save $10)

$300 credit for $270 (save $30)

Be on the lookout for specials, we advertise them on social media pages.

Purchase now! Link to PayPal is below. Enter the amount you would like to purchase by clicking on the below link. You will get a confirmation email and we will keep track of your package and all hour calculations during each visit.


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